Unable to send tip to verified Creator

I got some BAT Rewards today, so i want to send tip to a verified publisher but “Send TIP” option did not displayed when i click on that youtube channel or video.

see the above screenshot, channel is verified but i can’t see “Send TIP” option

This screenshot is taken from other device


yes bro same problem here I unable to tip my favorite content creator after getting my reward

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i have same problem were you able to find a solution?

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Not yet, none of the official person is replying

For anyone here experiencing this issue, can you please try going to brave.com and tell me whether or not the Tip button appears/it appears as a Verified Creator?

When I visit Brave.com I can see the tip panel I think the problem is on youtube twitter and github. For example when I visit https://youtube.com/c/BraveSoftware I can’t see the tip panel

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@Mattches Please help

yes it appears, but in youtube , twitter and reddit the tip panel not appear kindly check it out

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Tip button appears on brave websites but not on verified creators channel or profile

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