Verified creator is displaying as an unverified creator in my Work Profile

I don’t have an uphold account. So I’ll always tip anything I get to some creator I like. This month I received 2 BAT on my Personal Brave Profile and 1 BAT on my Work Brave Profile. I was able to send 2 BAT tip to a creator. But I cannot send tip from other profile. It is displaying that the creator is unverified (which is obviously a bug, coz I sent 2 BAT tip the same creator like 2 minutes ago.) So there is no way he deleted his account that fast. I also tried to find other creator to send my tip. The pattern is same, a Youtuber’s account is displaying as Verified in Profile 1 and unverified in Profile 2. Why can’t I send any tip from my second profile? You guys are showing me advertisements and giving me attention tokens, but not allowing me to send it from my browser to any other creators, so that you don’t have to pay any one. This is not ethical. I had so much respect for Brave Developer team. I feel like I’ve been scammed. What do you guys have to say? @steeven

I am also facing same issue.

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