I want to tip my favorite youtube channel some BAT but I'm not able to

I wanted to TIP some BAT to my favorite youtube channel but i cant see them as verified creator even tho they have mentioned that they are. But when I click on brave logo it shows me name of “www.youtube.com” instead of that person’s channel name. why? and also same happens with twitter. please help @steeven

This content creator are not verified on publisher

You can support me :innocent:

My YouTube channel are verified content creator :innocent:

You can tip me on my channel

I know its not, im just giving an example

and look its same with yours too Zzzz

Click on my any video and reload the tabe

Yes I did and its still same…not working

Does your brave version is latest?

And you can click refresh status

Hope it will be ok

yes its latest and not working

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