My youtube channel is not verified anymore

Hi Brave support team,

I was a verified creator on brave but lately my channel. On YouTube doesn’t show the verified tick mark and says this channel is not a verified creator.

My friends and family have tipped me before and I did receive tokens although tokens were being subtracted from the total tokens being sent. Such as if 8 tokens were sent then 7.6 or 7 tokens were being credited to me rest were not. Idk, if brave takes some cut out of the token tips.

Either way, please help me. Why is my channel not showing a verified creator??

did you try on youtube browser for mobile ? just go on brave for mobile , type youtube and search for your chanel

Regarding the amount of BAT you receive, Brave charges a %5 commission on the amount sent on each donation, that’s why you don’t receive the full amount.

Thank you florins for replying. Yes I tried that but my channel is showing not verified.

Even the tip sent to my channel from my friend is showing this channel is not verified we would keep trying to send the BAT or wait 90days.

Ok manolito020. Thank you.

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Anybody from brave team going to help out???

My brave verified channel has been unverified… Please help!

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