Creator Channels are not getting Verified to receive tips

I have several Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, and Website creator channels but for some reason I nor any of my viewers can see the check mark as Brave Verified Creator, so no one can tip my creator accounts.

Most of these channels where setup months ago, and were receiving tips. I’ve been absent from brave publishers scene for some time so I have not been keeping up to date on news as it was released. However, I have done some catching over the past couple of days but I have yet to find a solution to my problem. What am I missing?

  • My channels are setup on
  • Created and/or updated my Tipping Banners.
  • My Uphold accounts was verified March 2020
  • I’ve received tips on some channels previously
  • Made transfers from publishers platform to Uphold account.

Please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks!

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