Donation and Unverified creator

Description of the issue:
Hello Guys from Brave Browser I’m having problems with donations because I have a verified account on brave rewards creator, and the problem that is happening is that my verified account is not showing up verified i found this because a person tried to donate bat to my verified account on youtube and could not see my account as verified.
I will send a print of what happens so you can understand what happens

this is a screenshot of my account verified by brave creator but and in this other print my account appears as not verifying and my followers cannot send tips

in this print it is saying that this creator is not registered

In this print I have been subscribed since January 28, 2022 to brave rewards creator

-I don’t know why this happens on this brave installed on my other computer

** my Operating System is windows

and Brave Version [
Versão 1.40.113 Chromium: 103.0.5060.114 (Versão oficial) 64 bits

Additional Information:
this wasn’t happening before i was able to send tips

Brave tip is only for the channel home in this case your channel.
No tips available on the videos, go to the channel homepage.
Hopefully this helps you, so you don’t think there is something wrong.

It actually works for video. You obvisouly cannot tip directly to each specific video, but, when you are watching a particular video, the BAT triangle shows that the video channel is verified for tipping.

So, your second and third photo should show, that it is verified for tipping.

Sometimes, it does not work as indented. So, you (the user) needs to click on the refresh icon 2-3 times repeatedly for the tick mark to appear.

Okay friend, I think it’s strange not showing up for me when the account is verified! I’ll try to do that to see if it works.

it didn’t work! only the youtube website appears and if I make the tip it will go to and not to the channel I think it’s a bug in brave because for other people like you you appear and for others you don’t

@NeySilva when did you verify your channel?

in 28 january 2022 @steeven

@NeySilva is this still an issue? If so can you DM me the email linked to your account?

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