Unsupported region - USA

Trying to connect uphold to brave again but it says unsupported region even though my uphold region is USA and the USA is in the list of supported regions.

@biowolf393 Ever live outside of the United States? Perhaps have submitted a passport to Uphold for another country?

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I used to live in Puerto Rico but I moved to the states and all my info in uphold changed to my current USA location with an updated US driver’s license

How did you update with them? I mean, you did the pictures and sent it? Then also updated your Profile as well?

So far the biggest disconnect that they’ve had in people getting the unsupported region message while living in a supported region, such as United States, has been because things weren’t updated with Uphold. Such as some may have updated their Profile but they never went through another verification of taking their picture and/or sending in new ID.

I know you said you sent it, but not sure which way and if they added on their end. Unfortunately Brave can’t see what they have, but the system communicates enough with Brave on the back end (where support can’t access your info), what you’ve verified with. So if they are reporting your passport or other ID elsewhere, that’s going to throw a wrench in things.

When talking to others, usually they didn’t abide by the below:

Which says support ticket at https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

If you reach out, just get them to verify which documentation they have for you and just confirm that. (Don’t mention Brave at first). Then once they finish that discussion and/or you’ve sent the new information, you can try with Brave and if it still doesn’t work, would mention the API and see if they have it set up.

Thank you for the help. Yea I contacted them to change my address and region I had to take a new picture of myself and new ID so I don’t know why they don’t they have updated in the backend I guess. Because in my personal info i shows me my new address. I guess i would have to contact them again.

All good, I’ll tag @SaltyBanana here in case they have better feedback. Only other thing I can say is to try to submit a Support Ticket here with Brave as well. Or if SaltyBanana has time, they may ask you to DM them with your email or other information used for Uphold and they can try to contact and learn more. (not sure you’ll get that lucky, but it happens sometimes).

Either way, I’d just say to get the support tickets in with both places and hope that either or both sides can get it handled for you. Unfortunately isn’t much else to be able to be done here on Brave Community in regards to this specific issue.

Hi @biowolf393

If you already sent a request to Uphold with your ID that indicates you live in the United States. It would be best to wait for them to process everything and update on their end.
As @Saoiray mention, if you are still experiencing issues I highly suggest you submit a support ticket. From there a Support Agent can investigate further.

I hope this answers any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you. I will wait one more week and try again if not ill submit a ticket.

I believe the issue that many users are facing is that “nationality” and “country of residence” do not match.

Somehow the data provided by the API seems not to be used in a realistic way. That’s my opinion based on so many complaints in this forum. I have no technical background to prove that. But there is a pattern.

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When you think of things like cryptocurrency though, that does pose an interesting question. I mean, if you’re a resident of England but then go to live in China, who is it that gets the tax revenue when it’s converted?

I’ve never really dug deep into that, but I know people said accounting like that can be a nightmare. It’s simple when it’s earned and done within a specific country, such as income from a job. Or even investing in the stock market, which is primarily out of one country. But when you start dealing with this stuff, which isn’t based out of any country really…

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Is it solved. As i also got same issue. Although i am not going anywhere out side of UK. But still got issue.

@stevehumps would like to help you and learn more on your situation, but would appreciate if you can make your own topic for that. Makes it easier to keep track of info and let attention stay focused on each person.

And yeah, I’m guessing @biowolf393 had resolved but would be nice to see an update from them to know for certain.

I Haven’t had time to contact uphold because got caught up with work and family. It still gives me the same error but for some reason I still got last month’s rewards to my uphold account even though I’m not connected. I will be submitting a ticket soon to uphold.

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Guessing because it had communicated for that month. But likely going forward you’ll no longer get it. Hopefully you can get that ticket to them. Then they’ll open up the link and have you submit, to which point they’ll process. Not sure how long it will all take.

Do give an update either way so we know how smooth it went, if it solves your problem, etc.

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