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I get the error, that i can’t connect my uphold account to my brave rewards because my region is not supported. But when i look at the supported countries i find my country, Denmark. I live in Denmark and in my verified Uphold account the residens is Denmark. So what is the problem? My Computer is in german but that shouldn’t be an issue, right?
Thanks for any help.

Hi @chris1 welcome to Community :wave:

Could you try changing your system location to Denmark and try to connect Uphold?
Let me know if this works for you.


As @SaltyBanana already suggested try it. Also did you do your Uphold account verification using documents from another region?
Supposedly one which is unsupported at the moment?

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Thanks for the fast reply. Changing to Denmark didnt help. I can see that i’m verified on Uphold. I surely used german ID documents, I’m both danish and german but I only have german ID documents. I can’t remember if Uphold needed proof of residens. I could easily provide that. I can send them a messege and ask.

Thanks for the fast reply. Changing to Denmark didnt help. Could it be my ID documents that are german. Im german and danish but i only owe german ID documents. I will send Uphold a messege.

Thats the reason then. Since Germany is unsupported right now, therefore Brave is not allowing the connection. It is because what Brave actually sees from the Uphold account is, the documents nationality. If its from unsupported region then you can’t connect.

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