Unsuported countries

I am from “The Faroe Islands”, and it belongs to Denmark. If I choose “Faroe Islands” in Brave now, its not supported. This is not correct, because we belong to “Denmark” and “Denmark” is supported.


The Faroe Islands are a self-governing nation within the Kingdom of Denmark. They are not part of the European Union and are not within the customs territory of the European Union .

This is just like how Greenland is listed differently than Denmark, even though they are both part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Territories and all the like are never included in the country they are part of. For example, United States and Puerto Rico are seen as different even though Puerto Rico essentially “belongs to” the United States, as you mentioned. But since Puerto Rico is self governing and has its own rules and regulations, it can’t be looped in as USA.

Ok. I understand. Then how can I change my country in Brave.

@jubiijan To change the Rewards country, you would have to Reset your Rewards. You do this by going hamburger menu → Brave Rewards → Reset. This erases all vBAT you have, if you had any. But then you can choose the country you’re in.


When you go to connect to Uphold, the API uses your passport to determine which country you’re in. If your passport does not match the country you choose for Rewards, you’ll get an error that says Error: Country Mismatch and you won’t be able to connect. I’m not sure which passport you have or how it will be reported by Uphold. I just wanted to make this clear for you really quick.

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