How to change country brave rewards?

Hello, I wanted to know if it is possible to change the country of brave rewards? Because it is giving error: country incompatibility
It looks like your Brave Rewards country doesn’t match the country of the Uphold account you’re trying to connect. When will I connect with uphold.

For changing your country, you’ll have to reset Brave rewards. As of now no other way to do it.

Since, it’s not so easy to select another region by mistake, this can be seen as fraud and therefore has the option of only resetting as the way to change region.

@Flaviohm2 This means you selected a country you don’t live in. Why you did it is something only you can answer. That said, the only solution being offered by Brave at this time is for you to Reset your Brave Rewards.

To Reset Rewards, go to SettingsRewardsManage Brave RewardsReset

Assuming you start off within Rewards menu, this is where everything can be seen:

Underneath the purple box is a button that says Manage Brave Rewards. Of course, if you have yours in Spanish, it will instead say it in Spanish and not in English. I’ll point to it and circle it in my own screenshot:

Once you click on that, it opens this screen:

You then click on Reset, as I circled and drew arrows pointing.

Doing that, opens up where you can hit Reset once more, but in the red/orange color instead.

The, just to make sure it wasn’t on accident, you’ll be prompted once more, asking if you want to reset it.

Once you go through that, your Rewards will be reset. The page will bring you to the default, where you can start earning Rewards. This is because when you Reset, you’re starting over. You’ll go through everything and select your country.

Btw, in terms of country selection, this is how it would work. The steps make it next to impossible to “accidentally” select the wrong country.

Step 1
It would show like this, where you would need to select country.

Photos 12_5_2022 17_52_34

Step 2
You would then choose a country from the list.

Step 3
You would then need to confirm your choice by hitting Continue.

New Tab - Brave 12_2_2022 11_28_16

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People do make mistakes, want to see what happens if they select a different setting, and people also move to different countries.

This should be easier to change than resetting.


Thank very much @Saoiray !!

My Uphold account is registered in Canada because I used to live there. I moved to the US a few months back and while selecting the country in Brave Rewards now I selected US. Little did I know that now I get inconsistent country because it’s true, but I didn’t know I should have selected it according to my Uphold account. I’m loosing not much BAT, but I must say that only reset solution is not ideal. Assuming fraud is, at minimum, a naïve view of this globalized world. My tax is always super complicated exactly because I move so much.


@jucadesousa Well, going by what you shared, the solution would be for you to get a US Drivers License, Resident ID, or passport. You would then update your information with Uphold. Both your Uphold and Brave account would both show United States and everything would work wonderfully for you.

Average person doesn’t move that much. And let’s say you’re in the military or something. What they typically do is maintain their “home” and use that for most things. They don’t continuously change to show the location of deployment or anything. So if you’re not permanently in the United States and were maintaining Canadian citizenship/home, then you’d have left it all for Canada.

I’m actually Brazilian. I’m a global program manager for a telecom infrastructure company. That’s why so many moves and different legal entities. We’re a family of 4 and each one of us was born in a different country (Brazil, US, Mexico and Canada). Imagine all the legal papers , passports and burocracy that I have to deal with. :stuck_out_tongue:
In my social circle there are actually quite a large number of families in this situation, but I do agree it’s not the norm. None of us are military. Military personnel it’s actually simpler because they do have a home base. We’re actually a new form of Gypsy now that I think of it. Hahahaha :slight_smile:

Going back to the subject, I actually did a reset on the rewards, linked to Canada and will start fresh once again. My tax this year will be in Canada and US, so it’s much simpler.

Just FYI, I had this issue with my apple account some years back and they’ve since allowed a country update on the account which helped IMMENSELY. Maybe this could be an option for Brave also. Or even the option to link the Brave wallet instead.


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