Reward for réunion island

Can you explain me why we can’t have reward when we are living in réunion island?

Because it’s a French country in océan indien.
In your topic you said that the reward it’s ok with uphold if we live in France.

Réunion island IS A FRENCH COUNTRY. But I have the message who told me is impossible to vérifie in my country???

I don’t understand.

Thanks for your answers.

It’s true. And it is considered part of EU.

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Hi @Silverst0rm

Could you clarify if you are you receiving the Region Not Supported message or you are unable to opt-in to Brave Rewards?

I have the message that the region is not support

Thanks for sharing.

As the messaging states, your region Reunion Island is not on the list of supported regions at this time.
Our team will have to evaluate if it will be added onto the list of supported regions. Please be mindful that this can take a while and might not guarantee it will be added.

I hope this answers any questions or concerns.


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This whole situation is kind of weird. Réunion island is actually part of France. It’s almost like if we said Hawaii didn’t count as part of the United States. Yet there’s other places where you can read and it seems like Réunion island was made independent enough that it’s more like a territory, such as how Puerto Rico is for the United States.

That said, everything I’m reading makes it sound like Réunion island is actually considered France, much like Hawaii and Alaska are considered United States. Not sure who the proper team is on this @SaltyBanana but would be nice to kind of hear how that works.

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