Países no coinciden/Countries do not match (when trying to connect to Uphold) (Argentina)

I’m from Argentina, i have 5 Brave browsers installed (PC and smartphone) and i had problems connecting to Uphold in 2 of them (Brave Beta and Nightly) from Android, with the other browsers (PC and Android) worked fine.
Why was that? How can i change region to Argentina in these 2? (Pic of problem below)

@JoseLuis On Nightly (and I’m guessing by now, Beta), they had you choose which country you’re in. Whatever country you choose for ads to display also needs to align with your Uphold/Gemini. Did you choose a different country?

Just so you know, when I asked about this before, they said the only way to change this is for you to reset Rewards, which would have you lose all of your BAT (possibly) that is not in Uphold/Gemini. Why anyone would choose to say they were in a different country than they really are is questionable. Of course, it could be the reverse as well, that you chose Argentina but your Uphold was verified with a passport or other ID from a different country.

You can try to create a just in case they have implemented any further changes, but be prepared to have to go to brave://rewards and then to Manage Brave Rewards and Reset OR to just create a new browser profile.

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