Error: Country Mismatch (Uphold)

Getting Message Country Mismatch:

Windows 11 and Release Notes v1.48.171 (Feb 23, 2023)


Fresh Install



Yes from Ireland



Hi Saoiray, thanks for sharing the above info. I just tried resetting my Brave browser and it resets and turns off my browser extensions. However, there’s no option for me to choose the country. Where and how exactly can this part be done? Thanks, Christian.

You see the little triangle symbol that’s used for Rewards (next to the lion icon)? That’s where the option will be.

When you first go to it, it’ll be this one:
Captures 3_9_2023 16_46_33

Once you Start using Brave Rewards it will go to the country selection.

Photos 3_9_2023 16_47_24

Sounds like you did something other than instructed in the link I had provided in reply to OP. Resetting Rewards will do nothing to your extensions.

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I’ve managed to reset the country now. I was resetting the browser in another way some how that didn’t allow me to select a country. Don’t ask me how! Thanks for the info.

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