Unlinking Past Brave browsers from Uphold

Like I get the whole concept of releasing new features to keep things new and fresh and give people a reason to keep using the browser or attract new users… but implementing a new video chat feature while we still can’t unlink old browser instances from Uphold?! Come on! I can’t use Brave rewards right now because I’ve reached a device limit with no way to remove old devices!


I do agree with you, especially as it hits more and more users who got disconnected. They apparently are aware of the problem, but they didn’t communicate on it yet, so I hope they are working on it.
You’re not the only one, and it’s a problem that HAS to occur to every user at some point. As the number grow, it might force them into resolving this problem.

Actually, new update and sorry for not linking it before, but the Brave devs are working on a tool to remove previous connections as told in this post:

They should have it next week so let’s hope they’ll be able to help!

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i was told that exact same thing about a week ago. And they still dont have proper tooling to fix this issue at this point its getting quite ridiculous having to go back and forth with devs about this matter. But i guess we shall see what happens tuesday.

Great, so then We all have to wait for steeven to eventually fix the issue for us one by one? There needs to be something inside the rewards system for everyone to do it themselfs,

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I completely agree with you, and it should have been there from the beginning as there is a limit and it was bound to happen.


The remotion tool is relased?

Not from what I know. This is the last “news” I’ve heard about it:

Also interested in this removal tool, hopefully it becomes available soon

Any news about this tool ?

You can use this.

Or wait for this

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