Hey guys I'm having trouble linking my uphold wallet

I synced my wallet to a few different devices I’m not sure how many. When I hit verify wallet it just spins like it’s going to work and then kicks me out. Two of the devices set up I don’t even use… If I’m just simply over the limit how do I unroll those accounts? What really sucks is this is my most used device. I’m trying to set up my main phone. I get the most rewards on this.


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Don’t even try you will lose all your BAT. There’s no point.

Troll. Constructive criticism is allowed and actually useful. I too have criticized features of brave including their current rewards program.

You are spamming the same message on every post related to bat.

How am I trolling? I lost all my bat. I had 35, now it’s zero.

Stop spamming then. Two users are discussing something else, and you are spamming it from nowhere, which is unrelated to the discussion.

You could create a normal posts in this forum and I would care and might actually chime in to know exactly what happened. If it was your fault, or fault of brave. If so, can you be given compensation for it.

You lost like 35 BAT, not a million bat.

You say spamming I say PSA.

I honestly couldn’t care less what you think.

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