Remove my all verified devices with uphold [Urgent]

Dear Team,

Today i freshly installed os and installed brave browser and now whenever i tried to verify uphold wallet is shows limit reached!

my email id :

@rahulmasal Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

That post contains instructions. But to have Wallet Unlinked you’ll need to complete the Wallet unlinking request form

Just submitted form with account id please remove all linked browsers to uphold!

Once you submitted it then it takes a little bit of time for the support team to handle. They only have a couple people and they handle thousands of request and issues every day. I know you say that it is urgent for you for whatever reason but it most likely will take several days or weeks before they get to you unless you’re lucky. I just wanna advise so you are aware of what usually happens with the process.

Dear Support,

ok i am waiting for removal :slight_smile:

sorry for my URGENT word But i love Brave browser from last 5 years.
you guys are awesome :love:

Dear Support Team,

is this done?

@rahulmasal lol, I know it seems like a while, but you did it at beginning of the weekend. But if you did fill out the form, guess can tag @Mattches and see if he can give an idea of how long Wallet Unlink are taking to process?

It takes 1 to 2 weeks to be done. Recently, brave team has said that they are removing the limits or letting the user unlink themselves. In yesterday’s community call, the team said it will be available in beta in March. They will test it for a while, then probably in April it will be available to everyone.

Also, @rahulmasal, do not share your email ID like this in open. Do delete it.

I too am having this problem, Having filled out the form and being told that a device was remove and trying to verify again it states my device limit is reached. However in the email I received it confirmed that all limits will be lifted in March so should be interesting to see what happens.

I can verify with Gemini account but I would prefer to stick with Uphold so trade earning on other cryptos.

Lets hope this limit is removed next month.

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