Brave Wallet got disconnected and now states that maximum limit is reached

I have been using Brave Rewards for a couple of years now, and I got my lifetime cap a while ago.

Recently something happened and my linked browsers all kicked my wallet off and it won’t let me re-verify as my cap for linked accounts has been reached? I have been trying to find a way to fix this for about two months now.

Doing a bit of research into it lately has brought me here and now I ask, is there any hope to get my accounts reconnected so I can continue earning?

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Please follow the instructions here to submit a wallet unlinking request:

I will try, but my fear here is that I don’t have an account that is still verified to my wallet. All of accounts that I did have connected, were disconnected one day. I think I still have my old phone though, so I will check that. @Mattches

That is not required. If you’re simply looking to unlink an old/stale wallet, providing the Uphold member ID on the form and stating that any wallet can be unlinked should be enough.

@Mattches I would technically be looking to unlink all accounts tied to it.

We are able to unlink up to one wallet from your custodial account at this time.

@Mattches does it have like a cooldown or is it one period?

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