Understanding the rewards system more indepth

Does having multiple devices, like for example. Phone, laptop, and tablet. Does it effect the amount of adds being sent to the 3 compared to if I turned off the tablet adds, to only get it on my phone and laptop. There is never updates in regards to how the rewards are effected by particular things so people miss out with all the changes, Samsung stoped sending adds to my phone so it does pop up anymore really unless I’m actually in the browser for longer then 5 mins. Labtop is by far the most active and the tablet gets rewards somewhat. I’m trying to maximize the rewards I get and to make sure I’m not flagged either in the process. As of recent I was flagged and they supposedly took it off and fixed it but there isn’t really a difference in adds at all. Getting 2 bat per month is crazy low. Being different then Google is the point. Blocking adds and trackers happens on Google too with there vpn. The rewards is why people use it and its getting worse and worse and more secrets are being kept to benifets off adds revenue for brave Instead of the user. People needs clarification detail on thos suplbject in general.

Each device is different. You won’t see more ads on your Desktop just because you don’t use or connect your phone. All that matters is what ad campaigns are in your area, your device settings, and how many times you’ve seen each ad.

I’m not sure that’s true. You would be right in that there’s not been any changes on how Rewards works overall, so you’re not seeing any big updates. But I have shared things like the links below:

Biggest lesson I’ve learned is not to put this as a focus. People who pay close attention to this and try to maximize their earnings tend to end up flagged or in some way to trigger the system to provide less ads. This isn’t an app to mine or farm BAT. We just happen to get small bonuses of BAT each month for using the browser, basically.

Kind of confirms what I was saying just before this. Seems to happen when people put too much focus on BAT earnings instead of just using the browser as a browser and letting Rewards be the icing on the cake. Let it essentially “surprise you” and have no expectations. I know it sounds counterintuitive for a lot of people, but it is what it is.

Rewards is a roller coaster. I’ve long shared examples of this. Below is a full listing of my monthly earnings since I linked to Uphold in 2020.

Keep in mind this is all based in the United States and from earnings across multiple devices/profiles. There was a period in years where payments were sent per device, so you’ll see those periods where I received 2 monthly payments instead of just one. In recent years, they just combine everything being sent to the same custodial partner so they have less transactions to do (meaning less fees)


November = 4.48150 BAT

October = 11.53250

September = 14.96250

August = 6.90500

July = 8.47750

June = 14.57

May = 11.83750

April = 6.48500

March = 11.73871

February  = 29.67518 BAT

January  = 37.89861 BAT


December = 42.20911 BAT

November = 40.50916 BAT

October = 28.40086

September = 32.42620

August = 25.47911

July = 53.36773

June = 13.54921

May = 5.51264

April = 6.51731 + 0.25000

March = 7.96550 + 4.59765

February = 2.67052 + 3.52960

January = 5.60381 + 0.25000

**NOTE** It lists 2 payments because it used to send separate payments per profile/device, now it does it collectively


December = 4.60200 + 0.27000

November = 8.06758 + 3.13802

October = 7.97782 + 2.04594

September = 1.29281 + 6.38555

August = 6.24122 + 3.47786

July = 1.75 + 2.62838

June = 4.02744

May = 0.27 + 1.13

April = 0.47 + 6.56500

March = 0.25 + 7.97500

February = 0.26 + 7.99500

January = 0.67 + 18.87


December = 1.21 + 2.87500

November = 2.85

October = 2.56

September = 17.59000 + 8.82

August = 17.37251

July = 21.20900

And I actually created my Uphold account in June 2020, so that’s about my whole history of earnings. Like I said, some months were incredibly small but then other months were huge and quite shocking.

Only a small subsection of people. The majority of people use for Shields, performance, Wallet, etc. Rewards is just a bonus. It shouldn’t be the primary intent of using the browser. If it is, then that’s what is going to bite those people in the butt later.

No it doesn’t, not really. Especially if you’re trying to say Google’s VPN blocks that stuff.

And another BS claim. No secrets are kept. They’ve been announcing things to us left and right. They even have website like https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/ that Sampson from Brave maintains on his own time to help with transparency. On it, you can see what ads are in your area, which OS they are targeting, the maximum amount of times you can see those ads and earn from them, and how much those ads pay when we see them.

It’s just always a roll of the dice on how many campaigns we have in our area that are targeting our OS.

Oh, and keep in mind that VPN can and does cause issues. Ads are shown based on our IP address. If you’re using things like VPN to appear in a different country, then you’ll see ads from those countries. However, Brave will check which country you chose for Rewards and your device Locale. If those don’t match, you don’t get BAT.

So like let’s say you’re in India, your device is setup for India, and you choose India as your Rewards country. But then you use VPN to appear as if you’re in the United States. You won’t be earning BAT from USA ads and, if done on a regular basis, you’ll end up getting flagged for attempting to view ads not intended for your region.

It is for this purpose that Support and others from Brave have long said that if you use a VPN, you should make sure to use it to appear in your country. If choosing to look like you’re in other countries, you likely should turn off Rewards during that time period.

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This is not meant to be negative or mean in anyway but everything your saying has another side to it. One word. Transparency.
I don’t use a VPN never have. The Google VPN bypasses brave when I got it. But brave VPN that you pay for works tho I bet I don’t do anything more then just use the browser phone and tablet like a reg user. Flagged still due to common error on brave part witch was mentioned they messed up on and they recently fixed it because I didn’t do anything wrong never do but instead of addressing it people found out the hard way Effecting rewards to people for no reason at that point. Your telling me brave done get a cut
it’s fine it’s there software . But just tell people that and address the updates thats effect problems with ads Samee response every time a user brings up ads. I was told last time rewards are split across your devices and to turn off on tablet to get more on phone and laptop And the redirects to old data info is overdone. They have changed it over time since I started with out a dout cuz I used to have brave on my phone and it would pop up constantly with having the app not open but now it doesn’t and people try to explain it and can’t cause there is no open transparency to why it was changed. Just add region over and over Teconally if it’s a bs claim then it’s both sides with bs clams with no data to back up users only useing it for rewards and no real solutions. People only use it for the pop up blocker for specific reason and the extra money and no one can get answers on how or why Only vague easy answers that pushes the user away to a link that was made years ago. It’s the same thing evertime. Oh and conflicting info and not really direct help. Just seems like it’s gatekeeping at this point.

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Look at all the community feedback in regards to rewards. It’s a lot with no direct help on the matter. If I could explain my data and send it in I would. You clearly have a one sided option and not a both sides approach.

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Oh and I can’t even look up my history. It’s always blank for the history.

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And I had the ticket support Just tell me that if you can’t see your history then the rewards aren’t working as intended so if I wouldn’t of properly in depth looked into I would have never known.

Like for example, Suport said if you can’t see your history it’s not working as intended. First time hearing this info and it’s not on any link that was sent. Cause it’s lack of transparency in regards to rewards. To much behind the scenes problems that are described to the user in depth to address common issues that could benifets the user in more then one way.
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