Not getting rewards android

Hi there!
I’ve installed Brave Browser and checked the reward system. I’ve been seeing the adds on which I get notifications on my mobile by the app, I read them, they’re of my interest, I even have installed and am currently using some of of the apps that Brave presented to me. Still, I haven’t had absolutely no rewards at all for it.
Brave is a good browser and I am satisfied with it but, they advertise a reward system that is blurry, not really clear when or why or how you actually get rewarded…
Can someone clear this up for me please?

Thanks in advance

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Can you elaborate more? What did you see on your end?

Also this one may help

Thanks for your reply.
I get notifications like those on the image.
Btw, they’re in different languages (Eng and French) but I am and my Brave is, in Portuguese.
Should I submit a bug report for that?!? If you want help on translation to Portuguese I can help with it!

Back on topic:
I click on th notifications, which are links to your sponsor web pages, I read them carefully, I have even installed 2 apps that were present to me by Brave. And then nothing happens.
As I understood in other threads, some user are presented videos (I didn’t get any) and even a clickable button to claim your Brave Reward… I got none of those.

As additional info:
Your add suggestion algorithm is working fine. I’m presented adds that are of my interest and I can even adjust the amount of adds that are presented, it is fantastic.
I must confess that I came for the BAT but, will most likely stay for the quality of the Brave browser.

I am currently lurking a lot about crypto, gathering information and knowledge, seeking for what’s behind each altcoin and then I got to know about the history and purpose of BAT (Basic Attention Token). You got me here. …and well, there’s where I get to know Brave Browser.

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