Unblock ublock.org

Description of the issue:
uBlock Origin blocked it in their badware filterlist because their bias, but the extension is completely harmless, it was acquired by AdBlock according to wiki, Brave is unblock it.

Exact URL of the website in question:

Screenshot of the ad as it appears in Brave:

Did the issue present with default Shields settings? (yes/no)

Does the site function as expected when Shields are turned off?

Does the ad appear when using a Private window as well? (yes/no)

What OS are you using when you see the ad?
Android 10

Brave version (check About Brave):
Brave 1.59.120, Chromium 118.0.5993.88

Brave uses uBlock Filters as default, reason why Brave adblocker will block and do a great job and Brave should only fix rules that cause an issue, not because ‘I think it is wrong’ for that, you should go to uBlock and ask the domain to be whitelisted, not Brave.

You might think “they are bias” no, they are not bias, it is calling, blocking websites that seem to try to impersonate you and are not the real uBlock extension.
Why are they using the same name uBlock and use the same red color if it is not to get people to download it while also accepting donations and people carelessly donating to the fake uBlock?

Most people would go to uBlock.org, thinking it is uBlock Origin, and it is not uBlock doesn’t have a website it is only the github and the extension stores, so they had to block it because they know it is obvious what they have achieved by calling their extension ‘uBlock’.

Why would anyone who wants to use uBo, go to ublock.org anyway?

That’s why they even gave you the reasons in the badware-risks wiki page, why they blocked it, which has to do with the donations part mostly as I see it, while using the same name and same color and same logo.

If you want to whitelist it, then check the box and and click the orange button Proceed, which will add @@||ublock.org^$1p to the Custom filters, you can also add it yourself.

I mean, it is a common thing to do, uBo only have this way to block it. But there was a time where someone wanted to make a browser called ‘braver’ and it got threats by Brendan that they had to change their name or get sued. Dumb people complained about it and how Brave didn’t want forks, when Brave forks existed and exist today, even a Chinese one catsxp.com, so that wasn’t the reason, it was because the name is so close it could confuse people to downloading the wrong one.

If this filterlist rule is really trying to prevent people to visit fake uBO page then they should block ublockorigin.com too. It only have a vey small notice to tell people it’s a fan project, they even have a ublockorigin domain email : contact@ublockorigin.com , uBO team think the website is completely ok although it also mislead people to think that email is the uBO team’s support email ? At least uBlock have a different name.

They also removed some random things like snow effects in their annoyance filterlist
The rule is still in here :

We’re not going to overrule uAssets block on uBlock.org. If uBO authors decide to change this, then its their choice and we’ll accept any upstream changes.

If you feel its needed, feel free to open a report on https://github.com/uBlockOrigin/uAssets

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