Any disadvantage to using uBlock Origin with Brave?

Having noted this thread – Ublock origin on brave – it appears that (at least as of a year ago) uBlock Origin was not considered to be of any substantial value for Brave users.

Is there any downside to adding it? – i.e., e.g., any evidence that it interferes with Brave’s implementation of the same or similar features?


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Not really. We have had occasions in the past where uBO did break some sites, but it’s been very rare and it’s usually User specific due to certain filters they had running. That said, there aren’t a lot of benefits either. Though I think @Emi has pointed out some features used that they like. I tagged them because I’m hoping they can give some feedback. When it comes to filters and adblocking, they are incredibly knowledgeable.

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This are the default filter list

You can add other lists from brave://adblock. Other filter lists which are not present in brave://adblock can be added via URL.

For eg., you can add Adguard Social Media List in brave shields via this URL taken from (just paste the URL). In similar fashion you can add other filter lists of Adguard.

Brave shields only fails in URL fitlers like removeparam, fails to shorten URL via So, UBO is only needed for URL shortening other than UBO is pretty much ‘useless’.


Thanks, @chh_68. Last paragraph of your reply is beyond my tech knowledge level, but adding existing lists seems straightforward. Appreciate the URL’s.

Last para refers to this

Also, if you are gonna add other lists make sure to add the UBO compatible filter lists for adguard ones (there are other too) in as UBO and brave shields are similar.

uBlock Origin has more features than Shields and is more reliable, though they come with some identical filterlists so don’t activate them in both as it’d be a waste of resources.

Thanks, @Emi. Most of that is pretty far over my head but probably useful to others here.

It seems likely that Brave will before long include or refine the features that will eliminate any need to use uBlock, at least for users such as myself.

Thanks again. After doing some digging I now have a basic understanding of what “cosmetic” filtering is/does (e.g., as explained at

Basically what I suspected just from the name.

Disable “Parse and enforce cosmetic filters” and enable “Ignore generic cosmetic filters”

Are these settings in Brave or ublock because I can’t find them. I’d like to get rid of ublock altogether because the fewer third parties that access my information the better, and the ublock folks have done some things I don’t care for.

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