Specific instance of Brave element blocker not working

Hello. I stopped using uBlock Origin because I trust Brave’s adblocker more than a third party, even though uBlock worked better in general.

The website I’m referring to: https://bizfluent.com/info-8319002-can-nonprofits-invest-stocks.html

It plays a video on the bottom right. I can’t seem to block it using Brave’s element blocker. I can’t even get it to click on that element.
My only browser add-ons are NoScript (which I turned off for that page to test the element blocker), DF Tube, Enhancer for YouTube, Absolute Enable Right Click, and Bitwarden.


What if you retry by using uBlock and its own element blocker (and deactivate Brave’s blocker) ?

Also : you can have faith on uBlock :slight_smile:
It’s just redundant with Brave’s blocker but there is really no trust issues to have.

Which image/element are you trying to hide? @mehere88

Please explain more. My understanding is that uBlock origin is a 3rd party extension, and poses a risk regardless of being open-sourced. If Brave element blocker is the “same”, woulnd’t they at least have implemented their own controlled solution? I just don’t want an extension that exposes me to some update with malicious code, as has happened to other open-sourced extensions.

Hi. It’s the little video on the bottom right that I’m trying to hide. I can’t click on it because the element window is located in the same place and I can’t move it out of the way.

Try adding bizfluent.com##.video-player-container-wrapper into brave://adblock @mehere88 Adding ||amp.akamaized.net/hosted/$script,domain=bizfluent.com would stop the video entirely

There’s nothing malicious in uBlock Origin, at least nothing more malicious than in Brave Shield.
You can trust both the same way.

uBlock and Brave Shield use the same lists of filters, in both case you can add others if you want, their differences remains in the UI and into some features.

I have no other blocker on Brave than the buit-in Shield because it would be redundant, but I still use uBlock on Firefox and Google Chrome.

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