Please review these three very popular extensions


Three extensions that you should take the time to review asap (i.e. when I installed these extensions a message is displayed that states they have not been reviewed yet). The three are: uBlock Origin, Emsisoft Browser Extension and Malwarebytes Browser Extension. Needless to say, none of these need an introduction. Please review these so they can be accepted as part of your extension downloads without the warning message popping up. Thank you for your time and effort.


You’re welcome to install them despite the warning, but we’re not actively reviewing extensions right now.


You should seriously consider at least approving uBlock Origin. Simply put, it’s hands down the best ad blocker and bad site blocker on the market. Security experts agree 100%. Not having it as an approved extension by Brave does not make sense.

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But what is the point of having ublock in brave? Brave already has a robust adblock…


Let me emphasize one thing, I’m not referring to “uBlock”, I’m referring to “uBlock Origin”. The two are as different as night and day! Like I stated in my last post, it’s hands down the best ad blocker and bad site blocker on the market.

I want to make something clear. I now only use Brave and that’s because I believe it’s a great browser. The people responsible for making Brave what it is should be commended. However, in my opinion, it never hurts to utilize extra security as long as that extra security has been proven to be highly effective. uBlock Origin tops the list of being highly effective. Brave’s Shield is effective, but Brave’s Shield plus uBlock Origin is even more effective.