Brave with ublock origin

should we switch off brave shields when ublock origin is installed or can they work together without any problems???
is performance of brave browser reduced when these elements are both activated or not???

i need a clear answer from the support team.

Hi @ada111,

Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like you might be using the muon (no longer supported) version of Brave. uBlock Origin is available on the latest version of Brave which you can download here -

Just installed uBlock Origin myself to ensure that it’s working properly. Please just let me know if there’s anything else that we can help to answer!


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Hi @steeven nice to correspond with a new moderator.

I’m curious, is there any point in recommend another ad&track blocker @steeven?

The Brave engine as I understand is technically supposed to be more efficient if not arguably better in the long run.

@ada111 rather than adding another ad-blocking external tool, It makes the browser slightly inefficient don’t you think? I mean even though if you have Brave’s proprietary feature tuned off what you’ll also effectively be doing is turning off other vital privacy related features.

Here’s some material of ongoing research and basis of its current functionality -

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Hi @Numpty, nice to meet you!

All of my ad blocking needs are certainly met by Brave’s inherent blocking.

@Numpty, great answer.


No, performance is not reduced beyond the additional load of running an additional extension. This does not cover edge-cases though. You can use them both at the same time if you’d like.

uBlock Origin is essential for Brave, without it Brave isn’t able to block inline script tags and ads are all around. Have a look at with and without uBlock Origin. Unfortunately the installation of uBlock seems to disable partly Brave’s nice Autoplay blocking feature of inline scripted pages with video content like on or

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agree completely with you @RXTC. many ads without ublock origin. im using the latest version of brave 0.62.50 Chromium: 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)

@Numpty you sound like a brave fanboy…! get real i suggest… dont get us a false info! brave shields do not protect us from all ads. we unfortunately see many ads without UBLOCK ORIGIN so we need this extension.

@steeven thank you for your HONEST reply promoting ublock origin which is STILL essential.

right now i have brave shileds on and ublock origin installed.
thank you all for your replies.

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Hi @ada111 firstly, I questioned almost the same thing you did to the new moderator, except I didn’t imply whether Shields was protecting (which is the wrong term to use) its users from ads, I essentially asked what would be the value of it.

Secondly, I kindly asked you a similar question as well because I don’t have uBo installed in Brave. It just doesn’t make sense to ask Brave to allow the install of other and another Ad&Track blocking tools/extensions considering one proprietary purpose of Brave is to block all Ads&Tracks.
So the question should be what is uBo doing that Brave isn’t and why isn’t Brave working on this aspect more effectively?

I’d like to respond to you in a similar manner by saying it’s not nice to reply back with something false especially considering, I’m using Tor (Quantum Engine by Mozilla with uBo installed :slight_smile: not because I dislike Brave but because I want Shields greatly enhanced from how it is functioning now, by implementing such enhancements as mentioned in the above research link pertaining to Machine Learning Ad&Track blocking and better support for Linux.

Just type in uBlock Origin in the search function in the community and you’ll see many questions and posts from myself mentioning how “I struggle to see how it can currently top FireFox because many will see adding uBlock Origin in Firefox similar to brave and arguably more efficient.” This was quite a while ago of course on the Muon version.

Do us favour, if you don’t mind.

  • Start Brave afresh (with uBo turned off)
  • Open Brave Task Manager (leave it open in plain sight) / There should be just five Brave related features in process
  • I pretty sure Extension: Brave is Shields (my last Memory footprint showed around 17-18k) type what yours shows over general browsing
  • Follow the same steps again but with uBo turned on, what does it show after general browsing?

@Mattches I’ve noticed in the community that several users pose good feedback that are typically lost in long discussions. Given the fact that it is not like Github where senior members can pickup relative concerns, do you in general log these issues separately even though a separate topic wasn’t created for it because sometimes statements made by users not pertaining to the topic at hand really needs looking into but I hardly see a log of it anywhere.


  • Brave occasionally requires refreshing of a page, particularly on Linux to display content that didn’t load properly.

  • Shields doesn’t block Ads and Trackers as effectively as by other popular Ad&Track tools/extensions

  • Embedded videos either don’t show or takes a long time to display image and play button

  • Disabling ad block but keeping trackers blocked on some other tools allows site access. On Brave we’re met by new anti-ad-blocking mechanisms. Perhaps the dev team can re-check (Muon) and type in “anti-ad” in the search function after removing is:issue is:open header to see which ones need parity in Brave-Core and which ones still haven’t been fixed.

  • From @RXTC pertaining to uBo - without it Brave isn’t able to block inline script tags and ads are all around.

Related articles that need +1s and improvement though I’m not too sure:

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I’ll see if I can at the least get status updates on the above issues.

I paused before replying to this thread – Should I waste my time?

Comments about uBlock Origin that imply it’s merely an ad blocker – and stop there – suggest the commenter is utterly unfamiliar with uBlock Origin.

Yes, uBlock Origin can (and does) block ads if that’s what a user wants. But uBlock Origin can do a whole lot more.

Generalizing / summarizing: uBlock Origin allows users to block content they don’t want to see. Yes, that unwanted content may be ads, but uBlock Origin’s value is that most elements of a page a user doesn’t want to see can be blocked. That’s lots more than ads. And it’s separate and distinct from what Brave is capable of blocking.

Different tools / different purposes.

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I also paused before writing this.
Brave Shields is also not “just an ad blocker”. Observe the Shields panel:
Shields provides protections for all variety of online content - ads/trackers, cookie control, scripts, fingerprinting, HTTPSE – in addition to safe browsing/malware protection.

Additionally, you can block individual page elements using the CSS filter (work in progress).

Even more – Ability to add/remove/alter the ad-block filter list is moving down the pipeline (sitting in Dev build currently at the time of writing this):

:point_up: This is all included by default, out of the box in Brave.


I would say Different tools – same purpose; blocking unwanted and/or malicious content as you browse. Also, its not a competition (not that you’re claiming it to be)! If Shields don’t block everything you’d like, install uBO and run them both!

If Shields don’t block everything you’d like, install uBO and run them both! (emphasis mine)

On this, we’re on the same page: choices!

Unfortunately (hence, my pause before replying), for a bunch of important stuff, Brave fails to offer choices.

Why would you do that? Brave Shield is awesome. I find Brave Shield to work better than most blockers. The only one that could even come close is uMatrix, but that is much more complicated to use for everyday usage.

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