Please, Add UBlock Origin as extention

For a more finely tuned AdBlock feature set. Please add the UBlock Origin extension as a feature to more finely tune the Ad blocking experience and overall security of the browser.

The built-in blocker does a decent job of blocking the most egregious offenders but still leaves room for improvement and setting up a once configured ability for websites in which you may wish to support through the allowing of their monetary income advertisements and still be able to block 3rd party, chat, “satellite page trackers” for lack of better wording (ie Facebook, google buttons and ilk).

Everything you have listed is possible with the built in ad blocker (Shields). That said, you’re also welcome to install and run uBlock Origin in the browser any time — simply install the extension and you’re good to go.

Ok, Thank you very much for the “ insanely” quick response - being on iPad could it be explained how this process of installing works ? I have extensive knowledge of Windows on desktop, very minor with Linux and only (barely) basic usage with iOS.

I have found the shields and other configurable option as far as the on/off switches but no more than that.

Historically iOS doesn’t work exactly the same way desktop/android, but we’re improving the experience to be similar adblocking.

On Desktop we support 90/95% adblock rules used in uBO, so adblock filters used in Brave should act the same as uBO. Switching to Aggresive mode in brave://settings/shields should help also.


Allrighty-roo, sounds easy peasy lemon sqeezy !!! That sounds like the best solution for me for now.

You can close this out for now. If I need more information I will create a new post in the appropriate place.

Ublock blocks ads on twitch (they show a blue screen only) whereas Brave shields does not help in anyway. So Shields definitely does not do as good as Ublock. Thus, Shields needs to be improved or Ublock needs to be allowed on Brave

What if i cant? and i get this “ERROR_REMOVING_OLD_IMAGE_FILE”

Can you please open a topic with your exact issue and all the requested information in the editor? Thank you

I did, no one replied.

From the responses to Chrome (and applicable to Brave), A new profile is needed. The error isn’t Brave specific, just a general error.

I’ve already tried this, i get the same error.

Try a different Brave release profile? like Nightly or Beta

I can install extensions on Nightly.

Please STOP repeating the same old lies, Brave Shields are good but they DO NOT give you the same fine grained control over individual scripts and many other features that uBlock Origin has, a great many configuration features and options are sorely lacking in the Brave Shields.

Many, many people have been asking for much more fine grained controls and configuration options to be added for a long time.

So far the folks at Brave have stubbornly refused to give us what we want.

The Brave adblocker simply can NEVER be as strong and do EVERYTHING that uBlock Origin can do.

So please stop lying, until Brave improves the Shields and gives us more configuration and fine grained controls the Brave Shields will never be as good as uBlock Origin.

What gets me is 99% of the people who make this claim never can give specific examples. Stop making generic claims and spell out what it is you’re wanting to see.

Again, show me where anyone from Brave has ever refused anything in regards to making Shields better. They are constantly adding new capabilities and building on it. Things may not come as quick as people want, but that is not the same as refusing.

Nobody has lied. Nothing has been refused.

Additionally, my claim was not that we have every feature that uBlock or whatever other ad-blocker has. Just that the ones OP listed were already available.

And as I said in my initial reply, the beauty of Brave is that while we offer our Shields right out of the box (which even if it doesn’t have every feature you’re looking for, is still quite robust), if you’d rather use uBlock or ABP or Privacy Badger or whatever other extension(s) you prefer — you’re welcome to do that.