Unblock single trackers on a page

Description of the issue:
I’m new to Brave and really like the browser so far.
However, today I stumpled upon the first issue I couldn’t simply solve on my own, nor via the web.
I have shield enabled and the Tracker blocking in “Standard” mode.
On https://pi.pardot.com/ I noticed, that all css and scripts of https://pi.pardot.com/ are blocked for some reason and listed in the blocked trackers


Expected result:

From ublock I am used to have controle over the single entries and be able to unblock or block single items. But in the shield settings (expanded view) it just lists the items, so I only have the option to unblock all trackers or not be able to interact with the page at all.

So what I would like: being able to tell Brave to accept some of the blocked items.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.23.75 Chromium: 90.0.4430.93 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)

Additional Information: pi.pardot.com @pgl maybe this should be ||go.pardot.com^ ?

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Thanks. I’ve removed pardot.com from my list entirely; go.pardot.com also has non-tracking, non-ad stuff on it: https://www.reddit.com/r/uBlockOrigin/comments/mwwvde/how_to_avoid_blocking_pardot_by_ublockorigin/gvwvuca/

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go.pardot.com is used a cname tracker, which has its own privacy issues. We’re leaving go.pardot.com


Thanks for the fast action. I guess it will take some time to appear on my side, right?
However, I guess also this won’t be the last issue like that, so maybe we can transform this into a feature request for more control over the single items that are blocked via shield?

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Does this topic need to be moved somewhere else? Or how is the procedure for feature requests?

If you want to personally allow go.pardot.com you can add @@||go.pardot.com^ into brave://adblock

Thank you for your answer @fanboynz , my request was now rather to have the functionality like in ADB or uBlock or you name it, where you can tick every tracker on and off, rather then just getting a list of all blocked trackers without any possibility to easily unblock one or several of the blocked trackers by shield.

Similar in compared to disabling a specific filter in ubO:

  1. In uBO, I open uBO dashboard, My filters tab, and than add @@||go.pardot.com^
  2. in Brave, I open brave://adblock and then add @@||go.pardot.com^

While not as completely featureful as uBO, we get most the underlining features set. Ideally if there is issues, its ported upstream into either uBO filters or EL/EP.

Hey @fanboynz , thanks a gain.
I understand, that the filtermanagement is similar to uBO, but to be able to do so, you need to know what kind of filter you want to create and how it has to be created.
It happens often, that I need to unlock something on one site to make it work, which I don’t want to unlock in general.
That’s where this kind of settings come in very usefull:
Snapshot 2021-05-13 10.32.45
and of course also the “element picker” from uBlock.

For some users this might be a bit overwhelming of course, but the option to unlock such features for the more advanced users would be awesome!


Not even I use that functionality in ubO (mainly use blocked items/my filters). Not to say that we’re improving adblock for Brave,

this sounds great! thank you!
allright, then I’ll stay a bit more patient in the line and wait for the upcoming changes.
I’ll close this ticket for, thank you for your support!
Have a great day.

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