Need finer control over cross-site trackers

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I would like to have individual control over cross-site trackers rather than all or nothing. On the video page of a local TV network, there are 11 cross-site trackers. When blocked, the video doesn’t work. When unblocked it works. However there is no way to only unblock a subset of the trackers to see which ones actually prevent the video from playing. It would be nice to individually block or unblock to have more control rather than having to completely lose privacy in order to view the videos.

In the mean time, check out the extensions uMatrix and uBlock Origin.

Thanks for reaching out with this. We actually are already hard at work on this – issue logged on our Github here:

Has there been a fix to this? Is it possible at all to selectively choose what trackers can be let in and what shouldnt be? I can see Brave letting GTM pass through but then google analytics is blocked. Can we have that control at our hands on what should be blocked and what shouldnt be?


That minimal degree of control is absolutely nowhere good enough.

I want to have control over each and item that is blocked and the ability to choose to allow it, not just until the browser is closed or once only but permanently and the ability to allow the blocked item on every website.

I have tried Ghostery but it always blocks the Disqus commenting function everywhere, if it’s whitelisted or allowed on a website it still has to be whitelisted or allowed on each and every single website that uses it.

This is the problem we also encounter with the Brave ad-blocker.

I also want much more control over the filter lists used for the Brave ad-blocker, I am fully aware of the list of foreign/regional country filters for the ad-blocker.

However there are far more filter lists available, take a look at what is available here:

Most people are aware that the more filter rules
used degrades performance and you have to be quite careful that the filter lists are carefully screened for safety and security and also updated on a regular basis.

There is still work to be done in the pop-up blocking and redirection stopping areas as these annoyances often evade Brave’s ad-blocker.

Please give Brave users much more fine grained control over the ad-blocker.

Simply advising people to use uBlock origin or uMatrix is not acceptable advice either as Google seems to be hellbent on crippling the capability of ad-blockers in the Chrome browser.

In addition ublock Origin and uMatrix may not be able to made compatible with the draconian changes to Chrome and if they are able to continue to function they will most likely function with severely reduced capabilities.

This why we need desperately need Brave and its builtin Ad-Blocker as an alternative solution.

I am also trying DNS based ad-blocking through the free NextDNS service, but that cant do cosmetic filtering of webpage contents.

It is very important to remember Google derives the bulk of its income from advertising and there are plans by Google for a paid for Premium version of Chrome which would presumably allow for ad-blocking, while the free version of Chrome would have crippled ad-blocking.

Feature Request:
Whitelist for your Cross-Site cookie filter.

Could you please tell us what websites manage to bypass Brave’s ad-blocker through pop-ups and redirection?

You can also try
It works very well. No ads, trackers, logging, malware/spyware or whatever.