Need finer control over cross-site trackers

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I would like to have individual control over cross-site trackers rather than all or nothing. On the video page of a local TV network, there are 11 cross-site trackers. When blocked, the video doesn’t work. When unblocked it works. However there is no way to only unblock a subset of the trackers to see which ones actually prevent the video from playing. It would be nice to individually block or unblock to have more control rather than having to completely lose privacy in order to view the videos.

In the mean time, check out the extensions uMatrix and uBlock Origin.

Thanks for reaching out with this. We actually are already hard at work on this – issue logged on our Github here:

Has there been a fix to this? Is it possible at all to selectively choose what trackers can be let in and what shouldnt be? I can see Brave letting GTM pass through but then google analytics is blocked. Can we have that control at our hands on what should be blocked and what shouldnt be?