[SOLVED] Brave Blocking Same-Origin Script as Cross-Site Tracker

Brave is blocking one of my website’s JavaScript files loaded from the same domain/origin.
It is incorrectly flagging one file in particular as a “Cross-site Tracker”.

I have several JavaScript files loaded on my website.
The file paths are all in the format:
‘digest-token’ is a long alphanumeric string.

The file that is getting blocked is named:

For some reason, Brave thinks this a cross-site tracker. The file is simply a JavaScript object that uses Knockout.js to do some fancy UI work. There is nothing being tracked at all. No cookies. No session- or local-storage.

If I rename the file to say, something-else-<digest-token>.js, Brave loads it just fine.

My guess is that Brave is interpreting the file name and suspecting it’s a tracker.
Any ideas on how to resolve this without renaming the file?

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Thank you for reaching out to us.
I’m going to cc @fanboynz – one of our Ad block engineers to see if there’s a work around for this. This particular issue (Shields blocking something on a user’s website/page as a tracker when it’s not) comes up more frequently that I would imagine it does.

Hey @RealHuman is there a sample site to test?

Also copy/paste the site-trackers being blocked will help

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@fanboynz let me set up a demo. Currently this is happening on a client’s site behind a login wall so I can’t give access to it.

In the meantime, is the algorithm doing anything with the file name? Because that seems to be the issue.

We use Easylist, Easyprivacy, Ubo, Disconnect lists. So it could be any number of lists affecting it

@fanboynz here’s a demo: [REMOVED}
You’ll see the file named “survey_invite_builder” is getting rejected as cross-site tracker.

I took a look at Easyprivacy and looks like they have an entry for “/survey_invite_”:

I wonder if that’s catching it?

I would expect with same-origin this wouldn’t be an issue.

Okay filter removed. update should be seen in the next 24-48hrs.

Thank you :grinning:

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