Unable to unblock specific scripts

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Description of the issue:
I am unable to unblock scripts using “Allow script once” or allowing individual scripts in the shield. Brave just refreshes the website and doesn’t allow any of script all I can do is turn the block script thing off. It is like for each and every website that I visit.
Only extension that I have is Malwarebytes browser gaurd.
How can this issue be reproduced?
No Idea
Expected result:
The scripts that were allowed should be allowed.
Brave Version( check About Brave):


Additional Information:

Yes many people are suddenly having this issue. I’m just adding some links here to connect the issues. For myself - I am having the issue on most up-to-date Brave on Mac OS/Intel, someone below is having the issue on Windows, but I don’t have the issue on the most up-to-date Brave on Linux/PopOS. But I am having the issue on Linux/PopOS using Brave Beta.

For reproducibility: If you are using globally blocked scripts and using the the URL Brave face to manage scripts. Click the face, click to reveal the list under ‘scripts blocked’ and ‘allow’ the youtube scripts. It will click over for a second but then shift back right away, and the scripts are not actually blocked. In fact, you can’t block scripts at all this way. You need to use the universal javascript-enabling toggle and can’t choose the individual scripts you want to allow.

I use Linux Mint 20.3 and am having the same issues. I keep scripts blocked except on trusted websites. When I view a new website, I can then unblock just what is needed to view site. I have done it this way for a few years since I started using Brave. Its one of my favourite features of using Brave. Please fix, its a great feature.

Possibly related too https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/20503

A fix is on the way

Thanks for the status update fanboynz. This a great web browser, thanks for all the work everyone does to keep it going.

Yes same issue - looking forward to the fix on the way! You guys are great - love Brave!

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