Unblock java script for specific website

Brave 1.38.109
I want to unblock java script for dedicated websites.
java script in security default is: blocked.
I open website settings for that website and enable java script
I close Brave and open it again. java script for this website is blocked again.
So my website specific setting is not saved.
How can I achieve what I want

I would check Settings → Privacy and Security → Clear Browsing Data → On Exit and make sure that your site settings are getting deleted every time you exit the browser.

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Your hint was perfect. I untagged “Website and Security” on Clear Browsing Data → On Exit. Thus the information for the selected website is not deleted.
My Brave is speaking German, so the items are named differently.
Thank You for Your help.


Happy to help. If you’re able to mark this as a solution it might help someone else in the future.

untagginf “Website and Security” on Clear Browsing Data → On Exit
Solved the problem.
Thanks for the help I received.

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