Asking about Javascipt on websites

From the start of using Brave all websites had blocked Javascript. I could change my prefereces on a certain website using a “red (orange) dot” at the end of URL, which was really good.
But now this option is gone. I even reset my setting to the “factory” one but the only result is that i have unblocked javascript on every page, which is what I don’t want to have.

Could you help where I can change my preferences to the first one I descibed above.

Thank you all in advance

It’s not gone. Click the lion :lion: then advanced, and you can turn the scripts on or off from there.

I did like you said, but it’s not what it was before. For example: redirecting sites was blocked before. I have to decide that I accept redirection. Now they automatically redirect me to another website regardless of the scripts are on or off.

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