How to enable Java Script

How can I enable Java Script for all sites? Right now it’s blocked for all sites. I can unblock an individual site, but I can’t unblock the whole internet, one by one. I would just like to enable it for everything.

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Javascript is enabled by default.

If you brave://settings/shields enabled scripts, you need to disable this (otherwise it’ll cause issues also)

Unfortunately, mine doesn’t seem to be. I unblocked it for a couple of sites I use often, but I would really prefer to enable it for everything.
What scripts should I disable?

Hey @WendyL If you disable scripts in shields (see green highlight).

If failing that you could, try a clean Brave profile (for a clean start)

Oh, I think that’s it! Mine looks a bit different, but the scripts button was on. I turned it off, and now I don’t see the thing that said “Java blocked”. Thank you so much! :grinning:

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