Unableto connect to Metamask from any Page (Uniswap an Co.)

Hi! Cince a whyle i can’t connect any Page Uniswap and all other to Metamask in Brave Browser!

  • Deinstall Metamask an new install with Phrase same like before
  • Account Details and all is ok in Metamask and Brave extension
  • Newest Version from Brave Browser
  • Cash deleted, same
  • Allways is comming the same failure: Unlook MethWallet first or not unlocked! But it’s still unloked all the time!

As example, if i go to Firefox and like to Connect Metamask, i can connect to any Site, all ok!

I like only to use Brave Browser for all my Crypto Stuff…So i’m happy if someone can help me, thanks a lot!

Greetings Adrian

Metamask Wallet open and after click Connect to wallet is comming a unlock request in Brave Browser. With Firefox same Wallet all good and 100% function!

Go to settings>wallet>turn off in-built new brave wallet>change the setting to none.

Hide brave wallet icon on toolbar.

Your problem may be sorted out.

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Hi cch_68! Tnx for your help!

I make your changes…!

  • Tested with uniswap to buy PLSPAD with ETH from Metamaskt, failed with Connection failure!

same try with Firefox, uniswap to buy PLSPAD with ETH from Metamask, connected and can buy, everything ok!

Its unbelivible…

Some other Ideas, thanks a lot

Another idea, clear all cache and only clear cookies related to uniswap.

Maybe check your RPC network settings in MetaMask or reset MetMask and restore from your recovery words. Seems like something is wrong with it if you already have the Brave Wallet default wallet setting to None.

Done, not working, tnx!

Check settings, all ok! Brave Wallet default settings to non, ok! Restore with Phrase done!

I despair slowly… :-(!

And once again with firefox everything runs well with metamask, same Wallet!

i’m open for new Ideas, thanks a lot for Our help!

Done too, same effect!

What is the Math Wallet screenshot above? Is that some other extension? It seems like maybe that is what’s causing your problem and not Brave.

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