Repetitive Error: region currently not supported

I keep getting this error “Uphold account is registered in a country that’s not currently supported for connecting to Brave Rewards” BUT I live in Norway and my Uphold account is registered in Norway which is a supported country. What should I do guys?

Is the KYC documents you used from Norway? If not, that’s the issue. For the API to understand, the Uphold documents for KYC and the region you selected need to match. So even if your address might be Norway but documents are not then that causes issues. Since addresses are easier to fake but getting an official government ID is not.

I have changed the KYC on Uphold after I moved to Norway, and now my Norwegian address is verified on Uphold, but on Brave I don’t know how to change them and I don’t remember if I uploaded them on Brave before or not. Is there a way to verify with brave?

Do you have a Norwegian ID ? If yes, do KYC with Norwegian id. Raise a ticket or something if you see npo option like that.

I wanna raise a ticket but I don’t see any option to contact the support

raise one at

Thank you bro, I already did fix it with Uphold and I have uploaded my PR and they did change my address. The only problem now is Brave, I found a link to submit a ticket and hopefully they’ll help

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I too have pointed this out to Brave (the ability to change country with Uphold, but not with Brave). Hope they listen.

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