Region not supported error even though I'm in France and France is on your positive list


I lived in Austria and now I live in France

I updated my uphold account with the new address, however brave still doesn’t allow me to verify my account. what should I do?

thanks in advance!

Hi @smgq welcome to Community :wave:

Is your Uphold account still verified with Austrian documents/identification?

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Are you with Gemini or with Uphold? Both Austria and France are supported for Brave Rewards at this time with Uphold, so as long as your ID documents are from either country, you should be OK!


thanks for your reply
my uphold account is verified (it was verified with my old Austrian address and a few days ago they finally changed my address to my current French one)
however, when I try to verify my brave account (in order to get my BAT to uphold), I get the mentioned error

thanks for your reply
my address was in Austria, now it’s in France
I have a German passport, which I used for the verification of my uphod account

but as far as I understand the citizenship is not an issue, only the residence

That’s your issue. You need to update your passport/ID to show you’re in a supported region. Otherwise API is telling Brave that you’re from Germany, which is not a supported country.

Wrong, kind of. Uphold and Gemini go by different info, but Brave is stricter and needs the API from them to inform that all of your information matches. When it sees a passport from Germany and other information from France or Austria, it sees it as an issue. It’s easy to use a friend or family member’s address to claim as your own or to have something registered to an abandoned property where you pick it up. Faking address is incredibly simple. Hence why it goes by the more official government ID that needs to make sure it’s showing, in addition to that. It’s a way to avoid fraud/deception and to make sure Brave is abiding by government regulations.

The reason why I say “kind of” is because you’re right that you don’t need to have citizenship for the country. But you will need a valid government photo ID showing your residence there. You can get things like a driver’s license, which would be accepted. This could be a passport, national ID card or driver's license

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funny thing, on my German ID my French address does appear, however the French institutions don’t accept it and they ask for an electricity bill or something similar as proof of residence - I uploaded both on uphold, but the problem persists

@smgq Yes, because it can’t be German government ID. It needs to be French ID…

I’ll tag over @SaltyBanana and @chriscat just in case they have any corrections on that. But I’m assuming based on everything you’ve shared, that’s your problem.

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So that means your Uphold account is reporting DE (Germany) as your country code. Let me look into this. It might be possible we get this to work.

Germany is not serviced by Uphold (see here:, but I suppose on Uphold’s side, it is determined by residence country and not by your ID country.


hi chriscat, do you have any update on this issue? thanks in advance!

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