Can't verify my German account anymore

Hello Brave,
I have been using Brave Browser and Reward since day one and everything was fine. I leave in Germany and use Uphold as my wallet which was connected and verified. All the years I had no problems. Till 2022 all over a sudden for a couple of months am not able to connect or verify my wallet with Uphold. During the process, I get the pop-up that my region (Germany) is not supported. Am confused because according to … Germany is on the list of supported Countries Nr. 28.

It would be nice to know what’s going on and give us a solution.

Brave has made official announcements on it. I’ve also discussed things like this in places like my own Topic over at PSA: Unsupported Region

Try reading that site again.

Brave Ads — Supported Countries (Active Campaigns)

That would be that you can view ads and earn BAT. This is where you see your country listed. But then scroll all the way to the very bottom of that list

Participating in Brave Rewards and Brave Ads does not require verifying Brave Rewards with a custodian. Support for verified wallets may vary by region and custodian. Please see here for a list of supported countries for each custodial wallet service.

You’d click on that link and see Germany isn’t there.

Also, you should know Uphold stopped allowing new accounts in Germany long ago. Brave had been keeping people with prior accounts connected. But then support rescinded the same time Brave limited support to most of the world.

Short version is Germany, much like India, Brazil, Colombia, and a ton of other countries aren’t able to link Brave to Uphold. This was a decision made by Brave and is supposed to be temporary. The goal is work add most workable countries back by the end of the year.

As to Germany, you’re in an odd situation. With Uphold not really offering new accounts and Gemini also not offering accounts, there’s very little incentive to offer for your region. They are looking at getting it done, but have said it’s tricky.

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