Sync working partially, tab SEND only TO android and no PC bookmarks viewable on phone

Hi folks, I know I should’ve probably created two posts regarding two issues, but at the same time they both have to do with the Brave Sync feature, so that’s that. First of all I want to say I love Brave and what the project means, and how it hopefully will work out in the near future.

So, I set up the Sync Chain between my Windows 10 PC, my Windows 10 Laptop and my Android 10 Samsung Galaxy S9. All of them are a 100% up to date by all means.

It more or less works. How come more or less? Well, I can see all my three devices in the Sync Chain info, inside every Brave instance (on every device, that is). I can also see the Smartphone Bookmarks inside their own folder on each computer.

But as of now I’m facing two issues. First, I can ONLY send tabs from a computer-based Brave TO my Android phone. This means, I can’t send a tab from one PC to the other, and I also can’t send tabs from the phone TO a PC. When I try to do that on the phone, it tells me I should configure Sync, which obviously is already configured. On the computers it only shows “Send to Samsung Phone” (in spanish, to be exact) when I right click on any tab.

The other issue is, on my phone I can ONLY see the phone’s bookmarks, but there seems to be no way to see the PC bookmarks. It only shows the phone’s own ones.

Brave Version is 1.13.82 on both computers and 1.12.113 on my Android phone.

Hopefully this gets solved ASAP because I want to finally and forever ditch Chrome and Edge.

Kind regards.

Brave is Chrome-clone (yet another), so you will not ditch it while using Brave

I’m well aware that it is based on chromium, but the rest of the concept is well different. Anyways, I wasn’t asking for your opinion here and it’s not the main point in this thread.

Now back to the topic, for some odd reason, it’s possible to send tabs to my other devices. Maybe it took a while for the whole chain to “update” somehow. Now the issue with “PC bookmarks not accesible from Brave on Android” still persists.