Pinned muted tabs can't be unmuted


As title says, lately it happens very often that I accidently mute pined tabs like youtube and twitch only by clicking on them.
Normally you should be able to unmute by clicking it again, but there seems to be no hitbox for this. You also can’t unmute them by right clicking because it seems to be a different mute option (asks me if I want to mute the tab even it is allready muted).

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I have the same problem. The issue has been discussed here with no solution.

Yup it is extremely irritating. The pinned tab is so small that trying to activate it if it’s playing audio often mutes it. And then only way to unmute it is to unpin the tab, mute, then pin again. :roll_eyes:

A note - it seems to work if you are focused on the pinned tab. If you mute it but it’s not focused then you get stuck with it unable to unmute. You can unpin the tab and then mute it and repin.

Please fix this. Dont know if this is supposed to mimic the ‘mute site’ right click action or if its a separate action (mute tab?) on its own, but really should be able to just click the speaker again or at least have access to a ‘unmute tab’ option on right click.

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