Unable to log into several sites - shields down

In the past few weeks I cannot use Brave to log into several sites. US Bank, schwab, etsy, to name a few. They either hang forever or the sign in field never loads. A good example of that is here: https://www.schwab.com/public/schwab/nn/login/login.html&lang=en

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How to use Developer Tools >> Network

That may help you to see, what is being blocked or stalled.

PS-1 Have you tried loggin in, when using Brave’s Private Browsing Mode – “New Private Window” ?

PS-2 What cache and data clearing / cleaning have you run?

PS-3 After all that [hopefully thorough] house cleaning, do you quit the Brave browser and then start the browser, anew?

The “New Private Window” method worked. Thank you! Why did that work?


Not sure. Glad it worked, and thanks for letting me know.

@Tdurden If I remember what has been said in the past, it’s a way to check if something in your cache/cookies is interfering. Also I believe in Private Window it disables all browser extensions. (I actually just paused my typing to verify, this is true)

Brave automatically disables extensions in Private browsing mode.

To enable them, you’ll need to find Preferences under the Brave menu.

Then select Extensions > Manage Extensions, and find the extension you want to allow.

Click “More Details” under that extension, and you should see an option to “Allow in Private browsing.”

You will also see a warning, notifying you that any extension you allow will have the ability to see your activity.

So I’m guessing either prior entry in your cookies or whatever that delayed something like Javascript or it’s one of your extensions that’s installed on the browser.

Again, I hardly know much of what I’m talking about, so don’t take that as a guarantee. Just is me off the top of my head and trying to answer.

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