Unable to install any extension on brave windows

I am using brave latest version on windows 10 but I am unable to install any extension. When I try to install it’s showing “Failed - Network error” it was working fine before.

I am even unable to download translate extension. Let me know please if someone can help me to resolve this issue



Please edit your Oringinal Post (“OP”), in order to include the actual version of Brave Browser for Windows OS.

Also, tell us what extensions you had installed prior to your recent issue, including any problems you may have had with those extensions.

The Brave Browser version that you currently have installed, did you use the browser, in order to connect to Brave Community and create your OP?

When you write “unable to download” - please be specific:

  • Can you download but not install?


  • “It just won’t download at all.”


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Is you device company or privately managed?
Are you using incognito?

Hi 289wk
I am using ‘Version 1.38.111 Chromium: 101.0.4951.54 (Official Build) (64-bit)’. I tried to install some random extensions, no one is adding here. It just won’t download at all showing “Failed - Network error” and I am using brave to connect brave community as well. Also I tried to attached a screenshot for the issue is also not uploading here, here is screenshot

CerealLover My own PC, I am using brave here since long.


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