Cannot install extensions any more


i can’t install extensions any more on brave. i removed adblock extension and wanted to install adblock plus but since i am unable to install any extension. on the store site ‘add to brave’ displays ‘checking’ but does nothing and after a time i see the download extension file / script which ‘failed - network’. it is on windows 10 not that i think it matters

i aldready tried to remove delete cache, disable firewall antivirus, disable built in ad blocker and unistall / reinstall brave but i still have the same issue !

i checked as well the extension path location

could somebody who face the problem and solve it another way please help me with this issue ?



Which version do you use?


Version 1.36.122 Chromium: 99.0.4844.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)

@yokoso ,

To be clear, failure initially occurs at Download?

Hi @289wk

yes I am pushing the add to brave button, it passes to ‘checking’ i get notification / pop up that brave wants to install an extension then it does nothing for a while.
after a time i get a extension file with error ‘failed - network’.
If i try to resume download of this file it doesn’t work either

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