Unable to connect Zebpay wallet

I am not getting the option of Zebpay wallet in connect option

I am using the latest version of brave in Windows 11

I want to receive my payment in ZebPay wallet as other wallets are unavailable in India.

I am from India and unfortunately I am going to lose all my earned Brave rewards as I am not getting option to add ZebPay as custodian wallet.

Maybe I got the problem as when I check on brave://rewards-internals/ , I don’t know why, but it is showing my country as US instead of India. So, now I know the problem but not the solution. i.e there is no option to change it India. I don’t know how to change it.

I guess the only option you have is to reset the rewards for you to connect to India’s custodian ZebPay. Wait for others to respond to come to a conclusion.


Awesome. @Harsh1910 the steps listed by Ryan7 are indeed right. BTW, it’s you who chose US to try to connect to Uphold / Gemini (not like it gets selected automatically, you need to select it). And US is way down in the list than India for it to be selected accidentally.

You’ll have to reset Brave rewards, do note that you will lose all brave BATs you have in the your balance section (collected ones). You’ll be able to earn though, as now only connected brave rewards can earn. So when you connect to Zebpay, then youll get rewarded for the ads you see thereafter.

Also you might wanna check out the below topic for more information about Zebpay and fees related to it.

Ok, It means there is no other option, I have to lose all my BAT.

@Harsh1910 yeah, issue is that we get paid based on the ads we see. When you chose USA, you would have been trying to get it to show you USA ads. If you weren’t actually in the USA, then that was a form of abuse of Rewards and was like taking money from USA advertisers.

Since it was not fairly earned due to input of the wrong information, you are forced to lose it.

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