How can creators from India (not normal brave users) connect to custodian wallet (say Zebpay)?

I’m an Indian creator, and I want to use BAT rewards on my youtube channel and website. I tried creating Brave Creators account, but it shows only Uphold & Gemini as available custodian. However, a normal Indian brave user is able to see Zebpay for custodian wallet.

What am I missing? I created fresh account from


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This question has been answered quite a lot, recently.

It’s not released yet for creators therefore doesn’t show up

But here they have mentioned India

Buddy, Yes, they do mention India ovbver there but ZebPay hasn’t been added yet. There is a lot of work done behind the scenes which needs to be done to make sure this works.

Hope they do it fast as my rewards will expire on 31st

Bro. Creator vBAT you just can’t have. When India was unsupported, no one can tip you and also when regions got unsuppported, that time they did a last payout to Uphold/Gemini for any remaining BAT which people sent as tips. So no way of you having any vBAT in creators.

If don’t mind then please share screenshot as you seem confused.

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