Unable to connect My Brave Rewards


I am unable to connect brave rewards. I was earning brave rewards and custodian wallet Gemini also connected to the rewards.

I got problem with my windows, for which I formatted my system. I have installed again windows. now my brave rewards not connecting and I am unable earn from ADs.

Brave version - Version 1.52.130 Chromium: 114.0.5735.198
OS - Windows 10 pro
Custodian - Gemini

I assume you are not from The US. If you were, you shoulda be able to connect.
Also, sharing what error you get would help.
Gemini is now only supported in The US. When you formatted the computer, the brave data was lost and hence, a new rewards profile was created when you installed Brave. New profiles which are not from The US, cannot connect simply.

If you are from a supported region at

You can create an Uphold account and start earning again!

I am from India.

But i am not able to earn any rewards from brave rewards. brave rewards is not working.

Hi. India is unsupported region therefore you cannot earn.
The changes made to rewards in February made it so that only rewards wallets connected to Uphold /Gemini will earn BATs.
Don’t worry, India is going to be back soon. Somewhere around September to October. Was told by Brave Rewards Project Manager.

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