I'm unable to connect my brave wallet to Zeppay. It's not showing any option to connect wallet to zeppay

No option to connect Zeppay for Indian users. Brave intensionally ignoring indians. We are about to loose hundreds of BAT token. This is what we are getting after using brave for more 5 years. Please update brave browser and provide option to connect wallet to zebpay.

Might want to phrase that differently. Plenty of people from India have connected, so the option is there. It just isn’t there for you, perhaps.

Check brave://rewards-internals to see what it shows for your Rewards Country. Most likely, you chose a country for yourself other than India, which is why ZebPay is not available to you

I have checked and it is showing my reward country as US but I am form India. So, I want to change it to India. How can I do so?

Reset your Brave Rewards profile might do the trick.

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As mentioned by Abhigyan, you will have to go to your Brave Rewards and choose to Reset. You will lose all vBAT and it will start your Rewards again as if you are a new user.

The reason why the vBAT would go away is whatever you earned would have been paid from people who wanted everyone in USA to see their ads. In other words, you shouldn’t have earned it from the sources you did. The mistake was because you chose the wrong country.

So just reset, choose India, and you will be able to connect. Then you will begin earning and receiving payments here for the future.

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