Unable to Claim Rewards on Mobile (Android)

This is my first time trying to claim rewards from my Mobile Brave Browser and I’m getting a spinning wheel no matter what I do. I never get an error message. Any idea how to resolve this issue? I’m not having any issues on my desktop, just mobile.

Brave 1.5.8
Chromium 80.0.3987.119
Android 9; HTC U11 Build/PZ2A.190205.003

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Hi @7a57eb7f442e8973eee9 - thanks a bunch for reporting! Does it continue if you close and re-open the app?

That is correct. I have restarted the app and even restarted my phone but the issue persists. I have tried it on Wi-Fi as well as on cellular data. Still no luck. It just keeps spinning.

Hi, I have the same issue.
I have tried clean cache, closing the app and reopen it and then it gives me the option to hit claim again but never actually accepts my claim.
I have since Feb trying to collect my ad rewards.

Brave 1.5.8

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I have the same alert “Your rewards from Ads are here!” that come back since January. Maybe its related to SafetyNet (my device failed it : no Google Playservices - LineageOS ).


Hi @7a57eb7f442e8973eee9 - looking into this and what might be going on.

I think I might have figured out the problem but I don’t know how to solve it

As you can see my safety net check (specifically CTS Profile Match) is failing. What is very upsetting is that my phone is NOT rooted, running bootleg OS, etc.

As far as I can gather, it would seem that HTC and Google are having some kind of error where Google is seeing the Official HTC Custom Overlay as non-compliant. Besides getting a new phone, I’m not sure how to fix this. HTC and Google have been having this problem since October.

FYI @steeven

Thanks for the update @7a57eb7f442e8973eee9 - unfortunately, without passing safetynet on Android it is not possible to claim BAT.

had the same issue several weeks ago on my POCO Phone and it dissaperared after updating Brave browser

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