Brave reward claiming error on Android mobile


I am not able to claim the brave rewards of last month. When I click on the triangle icon inside the browser I can see an option to claim but it then it load for some time and unfortunately some error occurs. I have attached as screenshot for the same. Please help

Does your device pass Safetynet? You can test here:

No it does not pass now. I checked the software you mentioned. But there was no issue a few months back. Also, my phone is not rooted. So not sure how this issue is coming. If for this I am not able to get the BAT, there is no point keep on using brave I guess.

Please suggest if I am not able to claim, will my BAT still go to my uphold account directly?

Now it passes the safety net. Not sure what’s the reason. Also since last 2 months the claim option was not working. Now what will happen to those rewards?

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