Unable to claim rewards on Android


I am unable to claim about 15 BATs on my Android mobile – it gets simply stuck when pressing the orange Claim button, see attached screenshot.

I am using the latest Brave version, tried rebooting the phone etc. to no avail – it always gets stuck there for several hours now.

I can provide the rewards internals if that helps. Thanks for looking into it.


Looks like claiming does not work due to failing SafetyNet check – but, if so, why was I able to activate rewards in the first place and collect BATs (which I now can’t claim). Any ideas?

I have the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 on Android 5.0.2. Since you said it could be due to the SafetyNet check I thought that maybe it’s because my tablet is rooted but I remembered that even before rooting it I couldn’t claim my rewards. So I’d be interested too.

So I just re-installed and now it says “Can’t use Brave Rewards” so I really guess that this was the reason.

Well, in the end I lost 15 BAT – meh :frowning:

It really was that, I uninstalled the root on my tablet since I didn’t need it anymore and performed a safetynet check that passed and after updating Brave I was able to claim the rewards.


Ok, good to know, thank you!

I’ll close the thread now; I guess we got it sorted…