Unable to add presearch.com as a search engine

Description of the issue:
In the latest Android build, I’m unable to add presearch.com as a search option

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Visit presearch.com
  2. Do a search
  3. Go to Settings->Search engines->Standard tab

Expected result:
Able to add presearch.com as a search option
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details
Onplus 7 running Oxygen OS 11 based on Android 11
Additional Information:

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You can add a custom search engine in desktops; I don’t think you can add one in Android.


Actually I was able to add it when it was presearch.org. Due to a switch to mainnet the URL is changed to .com. The old URL no longer works



I managed to add it to Brave Nightly latest Android 11.

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How? Did it show up in recently used?


I just followed what the_reckoner explained in his original post.

  1. I opened in the URL, presearch.com
  2. I clicked on the 3 vertical dots, opened “Settings”, then “search engines”
  3. You will find presearch.com in either standard tab and private tab, under recent visits.

Doesn’t work for me, but I’m on android 9. Ive tried https://engine.presearch.org/ and presearch.com

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