"Recently Visited" doesn't allow adding Brave Search as default search engine on Android

“Recently Visited” tab doesn’t list search.brave.com to add Brave Search as default search engine on Android.

It only finally worked, days later, just now.

I had to sign in to Brave Community to file this bug report, and once I used 2FA code to access Brave Community, both Brave Community and Brave Search immediately appeared under the Recently Visited tab.

I was then and only then able to add Brave Search as default engine.

In previous attempts, I was able to validate and gain permission to access the search engine successfully. I even signed into Gmail in the Brave Android app so I could click the link and open it within the same browsing session.

Once again, just to be clear, I was always able to validate each time and use Brave Search. But I could never make it my default search engine until I finally signed into Brave Community just now.


  1. Validate via email as approved Brave Search early testing participant.
  2. Visit search.brave.com in Brave Android app.
  3. Touch three vertical dots, then navigate to Settings > Standard Tab and open the options.

Expected result: The “Recently Visited” tab should appear and search.brave.com should be listed.

Brave Version: 1.25.73, Chromium 91.0.4472.106

Mobile Device: Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5G

Additional Information:

Device OS:
Android 11: Build/RP1A.200720.012

Network Details:
Active Connection

  • Connection Type: Wi-Fi
  • HTTP Proxy: N/A

Wi-Fi Details

  • Enabled: Yes
  • Connection State: Completed
  • Vendor: NETGEAR
  • Channel: 132
  • Speed: 866 Mbps

Cell Details

  • Data State: Connected
  • Data Activity: None
  • Roaming: No
  • SIM State: Ready
  • SIM Operator Name: Google Fi
  • SIM MCC/MNC: 310/260 (us)
  • Operator Name: Google Fi
  • Network Type: Unknown
  • Phone Type: GSM

Did you try searching using brave.search.com and then see if it appears? I had the same issue but it turns out i just went to brave.search.com but didn’t perform a search. After searching, brave search was available in the recent tab


Thank you for the very detailed report. But, to confirm, you * were able* to get Brave search set as your default engine?


@Mattches, sorry if that part remained unclear. I know it was a lot of info.

TL;DR) Yes, I was able to set Brave Rewards as my default browser, but only after I logged into my actual account here on Brave Community.

@joeaedan I did use the direct search method, but still nothing showed up for me. Only after I logged into Brave Community was I able to see the option to add.

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